Author: Ben Dawe

Markus Lanz: Walter Kohl rastet aus – „Leute, habt ihr den Schuss nicht gehört?“

Es war eine höchst illustre Runde, die sich Markus Lanz am Mittwochabend in seinen ZDF-Talk geladen hatte. Da saßen CDU-Politiker und Thüringen-Wahl-Opfer Mike Mohring, Journalistin Cerstin Gammerlin, Grünen-Politikerin Aminata Touré und Walter Kohl, der Sohn des Ex-Bundeskanzlers Helmut Kohl, zusammen. Wer jetzt jedoch denken mag, dass sich der Talk von Markus Lanz vornehmlich um CDU-Mann Mike Mohring hangeln würde, […]

Winter beaches

Don’t let the chill force you to retreat indoors. Turn your bad weather blues into carefree coastal adventure. Here’s seven beaches from around the world that are perfect for a visit when the temperature drops. Reynisfjara Beach, Vik, Iceland White sand beaches are old news. The black basalt landscape at Reynisfjara wins hands down for most dramatic coastline […]

Cities for expats

Cities with prime job prospects and an appreciation for diversity are high on the wish list for most migrants. Add an active social scene into the mix, along with compelling travel prospects, and expat life goes from good to life-alteringly, never-going-home incredible.  Using the countries that topped the Global Expat Index report for 2019 as a guide, we’ve […]

National Book Month

Take part in Bloomsday, Ireland   Every year on 16 June, literary fans around the world celebrate Bloomsday, the day depicted in James Joyce’s seminal novel Ulysses. The day is named after the character of Leopold Bloom, with the story following his journey from 8am on 16 June 1904 to the following morning. The celebration sees festivals, readings and […]

Europe’s most beautiful modern and historical libraries

Wirtschaftsuniversität Bibliothek in Vienna, Austria With its stunning Baroque details and its stately rooms, many people know the beautiful national library in Vienna, Austria. But for travellers seeking a more modern aesthetic, the library at the University of Economics and Business is a must see. Parts of the site were originally built in 1898, but the library was renovated […]

Christmas markets in Europe

Schloss Hellbrunn‏, Austria  Christmas markets glitter all over Austria come advent, but few are as magical as Hellbrunner held at Salzburg’s Schloss Hellbrunn, with carollers, handicraft stalls, pony rides for kids and the baroque palace’s 24 windows transformed into a giant advent calendar. A Christmas parade, brass bands, Alphorn blowers, nativity scenes and a veritable forest of 400 twinkling trees make […]

Star Wars universe

Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan Just one filiming location for the ninth installment of the Star Wars anthology has been revealed and it’s a familiar one.  Wadi Rum – Jordan’s breathtaking, rust-colored sandy oasis – was previously used in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It’s rocky terrain and dry conditions make for the perfect backdrop to an alien world.  Mývatn, […]

5 unmissable foodie experiences

Restaurant 360, Dubrovnik, Croatia Several international chefs paved the way for Restaurant 360 to become Dubrovnik’s leading foodie venue. But it was after two locals took it over – Chef Marijo Curić and manager Rudolf Papac – that it received its Michelin star in 2018 and 2019, the only restaurant in Dubrovnik to be honored. The City Walls, otherwise inaccessible at night, set a […]

Long-distance hikes

Some provide a trek back in time through local history, while others take you through glacier-carved valleys and remote mountain passes that are welcoming some of their first human visitors. Avid hikers looking for bragging rights in 2020 would be remiss not to consider these seven long-distance hiking trails before word gets out.  1. Juliana Trail […]